Metal Bar Gratings

Heavy Duty Grating Applications Energy

Heavy Duty Grating Applications Energy has been main candidate for industrial floor market whether for the plant flooring or equipment flooring. With high strength-to-weight ratio and recyclability, bar gratings can meet almost any configuration. Compared with solid metal plates or other plates, open area makes bar grating need less or no maintenance. In addition, opening area allows for pass of small debris like leaves.

Heavy Duty Grating Applications Energy:

  • Mild carbon steel
    Steel grating is the most popular choice for many grating applications. It is often hot-dip galvanized or PVC coated to extend service life.
  • Aluminum
    Aluminum grating has unexpected strength-to-weight ratio. In addition, it is suitable for harsh environments like wet and corrosive.
  • Stainless steel
    Stainless steel grating is the prior choice for food processing factories which needs high sanitarian requirements.

Fabrication Options

Heavy Duty Grating Applications Energy

Welded steel bar grating

Heavy Duty Grating Applications Energy
  • Heavy Duty Embedded Grit Top Grating - FibreGrid Limited
    FibreGrid GRP Heavy Duty Embedded Grit Top Grating is a cost our heavy duty grating panels are constructed using high grade chemical resistant isophthalic polyester resin and our ExtremeCore® grit embedded into the top of the grating to provide a long lasting anti slip surface. our GRP grating has a high energy absorption and can be
  • Carbon Steel Grating - Carbon Steel - Grainger Industrial
    It can be used anywhere open flooring is needed for air, light and heat transmission. Heavy-duty carbon steel grating is strong enough for heavily trafficked areas such as parking lots, highways terminals, airports and industrial zones. It is suitable for applications not exposed to corrosive elements.
  • Heavy Duty Machine, Heavy Duty Machine Suppliers and
    Hot sales of scrap metal recycling machine/ Heavy duty hammer mill for waste ferrous metal Applications: The shredder is designed to shred a wide variety of light and thin materials as discarded automobiles, tin plate, household appliances, bicycles, empty cans, etc, making the materials into pure charge for steelmaking.
  • Nucor Grating - Type HD-15 - Bar Grating - Heavy Duty Bar
    Nucor Grating - Type HD-15 - Heavy Duty Bar Grating by Nucor Grating. Steel Bar Grating with bearing bars thicker than 3/16' is considered to be 'Heavy Duty' and carries the designation prefix 'Type HD'. Available bar thicknesses are 1/4' () , 5
  • PROGrate Pultruded FPR Grating | Walkways, Heavy-Duty Traffic
    PROGrate pultruded fiberglass grating supports heavier loads and longer spans than comparably sized molded grating. It’s ideal for demanding applications ranging from ADA-compliant walkways to heavy-duty vehicular traffic. And forget about complicated installation, pultruded grating is easy to transport, cut, and fabricate using standard tools.
  • Oil & Gas Grating Manufacturer | Indiana Gratings
    Oil and gas applications use bar grating for a variety of things, which include docks, ramps, platforms, trench covers, crossover platforms, catwalks, flooring, security fences and machine guards. Our team can help you select the best bar size, spacing and construction type for your application.
  • Brochure Grating - Weland AB
    A-type grating is manufactured with flat steel in both directions and is commonly used in settings with aesthetic criteria. For example, outside entrances or on building facades. A-type grating can also be produced in an extra heavy-duty version to withstand extreme loads such as from heavy vehicle traffic. Eco-grating
  • Heavy Duty Bridge Decking & Grating -
    The resulting product is an exceptionally durable heavy-duty grating with superior stiffness and lateral stability. Bridge decking is often the preferred heavy-duty grating for applications subject to repetitive impact and loads. Common applications include bridge floors, highways, inlets, and airport trench drain covers.
  • Interstate Grating: Heavy Duty Grating
    Welded Heavy Duty Gratings are designed to service applications subject to heavy rolling and static loads such as highways, plant floors, loading docks, inlet covers and airports. Since these conditions can range from light-duty forklifts to heavy-duty truck or aircraft traffic, heavy duty gratings are manufactured in a wide range of bar sizes
  • Heavy Duty Plastic Grates | Products & Suppliers
    Description: DURAGRID® HD Heavy Duty Grating is a pultruded bar type grating that can be designed and used like traditional metal grates. The solid individual bearing bars are designed to take heavy wheel traffic such as fork lifts, tow motors and truck traffic. Heavy. Material: Plastic
  • Versatile Metal Bar Gratings Applied to Multiple Applications
    Heavy duty grating - whether welded or riveted, is widely used in heavy load applications including bridge decks, airport fields, highways, truck terminals. Light Duty Grating. Light duty metal grating are manufactured by four options - welded, riveted, swage locked and dovetail pressure locked. This grating is ideal for general load applications.
  • grating
    of architectural applications. We lead the industry with a commitment to continuous improvement in our safety and quality standards. Our steel grating products count towards credits under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green building program. Paramount to all of our product designs is safety.
  • FibreCover Solid Top Grating - FibreGrid Limited
    FibreCover Solid Top GRP Grating is a lightweight, chemical resistant, heavy duty GRP Grating, suitable for areas where a fully covered surface is required. It is ideal for walkways, gullies, trenches, cooling towers, overhead gantries and railway crossin
  • Grating - MEISER UK Ltd
    The applications are very diverse, as grating is used everywhere in industry and architecture. As an extremely robust, safe yet light platform flooring, the grating is indispensable in all areas of heavy industry. Grating is installed in refineries, power stations, steel mills, mines and on oil platforms.
  • Amico Industrial Products - Bar Grating, Expanded Metal
    When you combine bar grating, expanded metal and perforated metal, nobody produces more of these products than AMICO! Our goal is simple, to be the one stop shop for all of your industrial product needs.
  • Fiber bragg grating sensors in energy applications
    Download Citation on ResearchGate | Fiber bragg grating sensors in energy applications | Fiber Bragg Grating sensing systems have found application in numerous market sectors, wherein the unique
  • Grating - Discover Composites
    Composite grating is used in many different industries, including walkways in industrial plants, flooring on ships to decorative grids on commercial, and residential buildings, where there are safety concerns due to liquids or oils on the floor and more corrosive environments.
  • Amico Industrial Products - Heavy Duty Welded Bar Grating
    Heavy Duty Welded Bar Grating is designed for industrial rolling loads. It is sturdy and can carry heavy loads and maintain high levels of use over many years. Heavy Duty Grating is resistance welded for durability, strength, and safety. Standard widths are 2′, 3′, and 4′ in 20′ lengths.
  • Flexxcon | Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic offshore grating
    More information about pultruded grating. Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic grating can be used for walkways, platforms, staircases, hatch constructions and access and maintenance landings and channels. FlexxCon supplies FRP (heavy duty) grating for a wide range of applications in the offshore industry.
  • Eaton safety switches – general duty, heavy duty, double throw
    Industry-leading value creation is the driving force behind Eaton’s Cutler-Hammer series Auxiliary Power Heavy-Duty Safety Switch. This switch gives the contractor an alternative to running a separate 120V circuit to the rooftop or other locations where a receptacle outlet is required.